Dairy Free& Oh so creamy

We only use FRESH coconut milk, giving our ice cream that creamy texture without any cow juice.


Welcome To The World of Blue Skies

We're coconuts about ice cream and go above and beyond when it comes to products and people.

We've taken on the impossible and made an ice cream factory in the heat of the tropics to lock in the fresh flavour from tree, to tub, to you.

We work in partnership with grower communities to support a wide range of local projects and to train the next generation of farmers.

Read on to start the journey and enjoy a scoop, or two, knowing that our ice cream tastes good and does good.

What's Your Flavour?

  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Salted Caramel
  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Simply Coconut
  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Caffe Latte
  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Mango & Passion Fruit
  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Chocolate & Orange
  • Dairy Free Ice Cream - Vanilla Bean
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The Tree to Tub Story

The tree to tub story is at the heart of what make Blue Skies ice cream so special.

The speed with which the fresh coconut milk travels from the leafy groves to your tub results in the 'oh so creamy' texture for which Blue Skies' ice cream is famous.

Making our ice cream in Ghana allows us access to local experts, who have been working with coconuts their entire life. It also means as much as 75% of the product's value stays where the fruit is grown, compared to as little as 15% if the coconuts were exported whole. This enables farmer communities to flourish and inspires the next generation of coconut experts!

Start the journey
Tree to tub

A Fair Scoop For Farmers

Farmers are Blue Skies heroes, and we believe they deserve a fair scoop. We work closely with local grower communities to ensure we keep value at 'source', support the future of farming and invest in local projects through the Blue Skies Foundation.

To date we have completed more than 120 health and education projects which have led to increased school attendance and academic performance, improved sanitation and greater productivity among farming communities. Each project is voted for locally and managed sustainably.

What's the Scoop?